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The BerkelBike cycle trainer will enable you to indulge in your cycling activities without having to worry about the weather conditions. You will also have the option to convert the Pro or Connect models into the state of art indoor trainer. Along with a specially-designed Tacx cycle trainer, your Pro or Connect can be modified into the ultimate Home system. It is highly suitable for both recreational and professional cyclists. You will simply need to place the front wheel into the  Flow VR or Speedbraker; yes it is as simple as that!



Flow VR

The Tacx Flow VR is a world of its own. This all rounder is connected to your computer and then just about anything is possible. You can have fun and cycle in a virtual world – compete for example in the Tour de France, or create your own tracks. You will be face virtual situations and environments. For instance, if you are going up a hill, your trainer's resistance will be adjusted to fit that. Therefore, you can easily bring the challenges of outdoor cycling into your own home with this!  

In addition, you can also easily save your performance stats on Flow VR  and use them as your competitors the next time you ride! You can even race against other people over the internet. This is the most enjoyable way of doing your BerkelBike training!


  Tacx 16 inch handicapped






 Tacx 16 inch Speedbraker handbike  


The Tacx Speedbraker’s strength is its simplicity. Without wires or cables, it is highly popular. All you really have to do is fit the front wheel and you are ready to go. The resistance it provides is similar to that provided by cycling on a flat tarmac road with a gentle following wind. Even if you only have a little strength, this trainer helps you to reach your goal.



Also for handcycles

Now, you can easily fit these trainers into different wheel sizes such as the recumbent bikes or even handcycles.



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