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BerkelBike Products

There are three basic models of the BerkelBike. For people with a spinal cord injury all BerkelBikes can be equipped with the 'FES Cycling system'. 'FES' reactivates paralysed leg muscles. With FES your legs become active again. The BerkelBike Connect and Pro are suitable for outdoor and indoor use, cause it can easily be placed in a cycle-trainer. The BerkelBike Home can only be used indoor. All three can be connected to a cycle-trainer, which connects to your laptop or PC. This gives you access to a variety of virtual reality and training software packages.



BerkelBike Connect



BerkelBike Connect

The BerkelBike Connect is user-friendly and easily attachable to your wheelchair similar to any connectible handcycle out there. Therefore, you would not have to make a transfer prior to cycling. You will have your wheelchair with you; the both combine perfectly to give …more


BerkelBike Pro



BerkelBike Pro

The BerkelBike Pro is yet another revolutionary invention. It has a wide wheelbase which maximizes its safety due to the stability it offers to the tricycle rider. The BerkelBike Pro  comes equipped with 8 gears and adjustable seat position and backrest …more






BerkelBike Home

The BerkelBike Home is the ultimate training bike that is able to be incorporated with an electric wheelchair. For those with impaired hand function, the optional special handgrips will be a welcome feature. The BerkelBike Home can perfectly be equipped with the …more








Fitness trainer for chair and wheelchair



BerkelBike Fitness

The BerkelBike Fitness is specially designed for home use, from your chair or (electric) wheelchair, which makes exercising and/or rehabilitation at home easy.

More about the BerkelBike Fitness




RISE Stimulator

With the RISE Stimulator it is now also possible to activate denervated muscle. People with a flaccid paralysis have been waiting for this new device.Take also a look at our Models brochure (pdf).