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Innovation Awards

Millenium prize

In 2000 Rik Berkelmans was declared winner of the Millennium-price in the ”Ridderzaal” in The Hague. He received this award from Minister Jorritsma and Minister Hermans for the idea and his plan to create a bike for people with spinal cord injury. By means of Functional Electrical Stimulation, the legs can be used again and in this way preventing many secondary medical complications that occur in this group.

An amount of NLG 100,000,- was associated with the prize. In those days the vehicle would be called Quad Trike. 



Milleniumprize innovation recumbent tricycle

Herman Wijffels innovation winnning bike


Herman Wijffels prize

In 2002 was the development of the BerkelBike in full swing. The company Promeken, now called BerkelBike BV, won the Herman Wijffels Encouragement prize. 


Kittz innovation prize

After the market introduction, the BerkelBike won the innovation prize Kittz in 2006. The BerkelBike was namely the best new medical device of the past 2 years.







United States Patent Number: US 7,293,623 B2

Japanese Patent Number: 4460828

European Patent: Pending


Kittz innovation prize Dijkstal handbike and recumbent bike