Frequently Asked Questions


Is it possible to buy a BerkelBike outside the Netherlands?

Yes, if there is a distributor in your country, you can buy the BerkelBike there (see contact).


If there is no distributor in your country, you can buy the BerkelBike Home and Pro through Internet. For the BerkelBike Connect you have to come to the Netherlands twice: firstly for trying out the BerkelBike and taking your measurements and secondly for delivery and final adjustments.


Apply to BerkelBike BV for more information and the conditions.


How can I fund my cycle?

Funding a cycle is often difficult for disabled people.
explains a few possibilities, depending upon work status, eligibility for Community Care Services and income level. They identify 4 sections:

               1. Eligible for Community Care Services

               2. Grant giving organisation

               3. Cycle to Work Scheme

               4. VAT



For more informationa see their .





Hand bike and recumbent bicycle combination.


My leg is amputated. Is the BerkelBike also suitable for me?

Yes, the BerkelBike can certainly be used by someone with an amputation. One leg is at least as strong as 2 arms. Previously, people with a (lower) leg amputation had to choose between a handcycle or a recumbent. With the BerkelBike you can combine the power of your arms and leg.



Are there kids-sized BerkelBike available?

Momentarily there are considerations about the production of children's size models. Available BerkelBikes are suitable for body lengths of 145 cm or more. You can always register on BerkelBike BV, so that we can contact you as soon as children's size models are available.







Is it possible to train with the BerkelBike even when you have a spinal cord lesion which is located higher in the body?

It is possible to make use of the BerkelBike Home even if you have a complete lesion on C5. Determining factor is the ability to make the handbike-movement, which is impossible if you are impaired higher than C5. In case of an incomplete lesion located higher than C5, individual testing has to be done to make sure whether the use of the BerkelBike Home is possible or not.



Can I get more spasms from using FES?

On average, spasms will decrease by using FES. Due to the cycle training, the leg muscles will get stronger. When you do get a spasm, it can be perceived as more powerful as a result of that. We can not guarantee the decrease of spasms. Due to the large individual differences, it is difficult to predict in advance.


Is it possible to stimulate each leg on its own in the case of an incomplete spinal cord lesion?

Yes, stimulation is programmable for each group of muscles individually. So if you have a leg with more sensory activity it is possible to reduce stimulation or even to switch of any stimulation. Sometimes the right leg can react more sensitive on stimulation. In this situation the electric current can be adjusted so that the left leg acts with the same strength the other one does.



Can I independently use the FES system?

For the FES system, only people with a spinal cord injury come into account. For more information see the FES page. If you have a spinal cord injury, but you can still use your arms and hands, then you can use the BerkelBike with FES completely independently. You should put on the shorts or stick adhesive electrodes and place your legs in the leg supports. How it works, is showed in this video.


It seems like the chain slips over the sprockets when I put power. I use the Shimano Nexus 7/8 gears. How can I adjust these?

This problem can easily be solved. We have published a special page, where we explain how you can adjust your gearing system.


How can I measure the sizes of my FES-shorts?

There is an instruction video, where we explain how you should measure the sizes of your FES-shorts.