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Active Linx Limited

Attn. Paul Moore

3 Monks Drive, Eye

Peterborough, PE6 7WG

Tel: +44 01733 782318




Head office

BerkelBike BV

Nieuwstraat 37 

5271AC Sint-Michielsgestel

The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)40-4 021 022




Active Linx Limited




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  Paul & Allison formed the company Active Linx in 2010 to promote equipment that would enhance the wellbeing of Disabled people. Paul an active wheelchair user, a paraplegic of some 30 years from a motor bike accident, knows only too well the importance of keeping fit. As a former Paralympian and a post graduate of sports science from Loughborough University Paul’s passion for sport extends into promoting equipment that will also help enhance the lives of fellow Disabled individuals.





Based in Cambridgeshire we have over twenty years’ experience supplying specialist equipment for the disabled and are the Sole distributors & importer of BerkelBike. BerkelBike is the most innovative, unique set of ‘Hand and Leg’ operated bikes in the world, which allows cycling up to all four active limbs. We also provide EasyStand’s state of the art standing technology.


During the time as a wheelchair user Paul has enjoyed the benefits of an active lifestyle where the importance of exercise and standing regularly has undoubtedly benefited his well-being. Now with the addition of the BerkelBike with FES Cycling Paul is able to use both arm and active stimulated leg muscles to gain even more benefit from exercise. Not only do these bikes allow indoor cycling but also outside cycling with family and friends.


Active Linx offers a full range of indoor and outdoor Bikes and passive and active standing systems.  We invite you to visit our products sections to discover our wide range of equipment and the immense health benefits that they offer.


‘Solutions for Accessible Activities’.