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BerkelBike Connect attachable handcycle for (electric) wheelchair






The BerkelBike shown in the video above is an older model than the current one.


BerkelBike Connect

The BerkelBike Connect is user-friendly and easily attachable to your wheelchair similar to any connectible handcycle out there. Therefore, you would not have to make a transfer prior to cycling. You will have your wheelchair with you; the both combine perfectly to give you a daily exercise machine and mode of transportation. When arriving at your destination, you just detach the BerkelBike Connect and do what you have to do. The BerkelBike Connect is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and it can be connected to a cycle trainer which connects you to your laptop or PC. This gives you access to a variety of virtual reality and training software packages.


The BerkelBike Connect helps disabled individuals to regain a large portion of their lost self-confidence. This invention enables a physically challenged individual; even those suffering from spinal cord injuries to increase their mobility much more than what a regular wheelchair can provide. Going for last-minute dinner shopping when you are alone is very much a possibility with this wonderful invention.


Cycling is an invigorating and healthy exercise and the BerkelBike Connect has made this wholesome exercise possible even for individuals who are physically challenged.. This wonder hybrid of a recumbent bike and a handcycle has now allowed physically challenged individuals much more independence, and has given a great boost to their self confidence and self-esteem. Not having to rely on others for basic transportation is just one of the many benefits. The other health benefits which can be enjoyed by daily use of this hybrid of a recumbent bike and a handcycle is nothing to joke about either; and in fact, they are very amusing.



Independence and Fun

Cycling is so much fun and it is an exhilarating, heart warming exercise which can also provide you with a complete workout. Pedalling down that green slope on a bright and breezy morning can lift the spirits of the gloomiest of us. It is unfair to restrict this wonder exercise only to physically-inclined individuals. This was what helped gave birth to the BerkelBike Connect design. The design of the BerkelBike Connect is such that it is effectively a hybrid of a handcycle and a recumbent bike.


The BerkelBike

The BerkelBike is a combination of a handcycle and a recumbent bike and is driven by using both the power of the arms as well as legs. The BerkelBike is developed in cooperation with physicians, therapists and researchers from rehabilitation centres. This amazing invention offers individuals who suffer from medical conditions such as Polio, Stroke (CVA), MS or Spinal Cord Lesion a new sense of hope to regain some normality in their life.


It is little surprise then that the BerkelBike would have garnered awards such as the Millennium Award.




Fitness and Physical Condition

Cycling is a great method for exercising; it is fun, increases mobility and can also provide a great workout for your physical condition. The benefits of cycling are even greater for individuals who are physically impaired to overcome common issues such as being overweight due to lack of activities such as exercise. The wastage of muscle and improper blood circulation due to extensive use of wheel chair can all be avoided with this active sport.


The BerkelBike Connect is the ideal solution for physically challenged individuals who have no or limited use of their legs. It serves as an excellent method to exercise both the hands and legs so that blood circulation can be improved to those said areas. The BerkelBike Connect handcycle can also be utilized and incorporated for physiotherapy exercise programs which are intended to help regain strength and life to wasted legs. BerkelBike Connect has made it all possible for people with physical limitation, even the people who have suffered from Spinal Cord Injury to ride a tricycle using their hands and legs in coordination.


Also usable as stationary bike.

FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation) cycling system for people with a spinal cord injury!

Click here for the BerkelBike Connect leaflet!