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Docking Station

Convert your bike into a stationary trainer!

Want to exercise, but the weather is putting you off? Not a problem with the BerkelBike docking station. In the blink of an eye, you can transform both versions of the BerkelBike and EasyLegs into a state of the art indoor exercise bike.

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Easy Docking
Virtual Reality
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The Speedbraker docking station

The Tacx Speedbraker docking station is popular for its simplicity amongst recreational enthusiasts as well as cyclists. There are no wires or cables; you just have to put the front wheel into the docking station and start to cycle. The resistance is comparable to cycling on a flat surface with a gentle tailwind.

Recumbent hometrainer

The Flow VR docking station

The Tacx Flow VR is based on the same frame as the Speedbraker, but the resistance is electronically calculated. It features a virtual reality system, and after connecting the Flow VR to your computer, you will be able to compete in the Tour de France or create your own tracks.

When climbing uphill, it will automatically become harder to cycle. The resistance will then drop again as you reach the top, and further decrease when you cycle downhill. To make things even more exciting, you can also save your performances and use them as opponents during the next race or compete with others on the Internet.

The Tacx software also features a GPS function that uses geographical data and 3D maps from Google Earth to get a lifelike experience of your route. You can choose between Google satellite view or Google Street view and enjoy a realistic outdoor experience without having to worry about rain or cold. Make your ride through downtown Tokyo or enjoy Hawaii. This feature requires a Google licence (more or less €30 per year).

All in all, there are more than enough possibilities to fight the boredom that might occur during a long bad weather period. Not convinced yet? Then take a look at this video showing the Tacx software in action.