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BerkelBike Pro



BerkelBike Pro recumbentbike and a handcycle



The BerkelBike Pro is yet another revolutionary invention. It has a wide wheelbase which maximizes its safety due to the stability it offers to the tricycle rider. The BerkelBike Pro  comes equipped with 8 gears and adjustable seat position and backrest …more



BerkelBike Connect


BerkelBike Connect, an attachable handbike to wheelchair


The BerkelBike Connect is user-friendly and easily attachable to your wheelchair similar to any connectible handcycle out there. Therefore, you would not have to make a transfer prior to cycling. You will have your wheelchair with you; the both combine perfectly to give




The BerkelBike: Benefits Of Cycling.

The BerkelBike is a great way for patients with among others spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis  or stroke to cycle, and offers more then the typical handcycle. Cycling is a great method for exercising; it is fun, increases mobility and can also provide a great workout.


BerkelBike Users

Reni de Boer is elected Mis(s) Netherlands in 2007. Reni suffers from multiple sclerosis and therefore she purchased a BerkelBike. Reni thinks that the alternation of activity is very important. Because in this way she is less affected by the fatigue that MS brings. 

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The benefits of cycling are even greater for individuals who are physically impaired to overcome common issues such as being overweight due to lack of activities such as exercise. The muscle wastage and improper blood circulation due to extensive use of a wheel chair can both be avoided with this active sport. The BerkelBike gives people who are physically impaired the opportunity to practice this activity.


Using the BerkelBike helps rehabilitate and keeps the muscles stronger and fitter then a handcycle. By combining using both the legs and the arms to move it provides support to both muscle groups. Often the legs can’t take all the weight and need a little boost. Here is where the BerkelBike comes in, it uses an arm connection to help support the legs allowing enough power to move. Giving it a greater advantage over a handcycle.




Cycling Despite Disorder & Disabilities

- Stroke

- Cerebral Palsy

- Multiple Sclerosis

- Spinal Cord Injury

- Congenital Disorder

- Acquired Brain Injury