We make your legs move!

The users of our bikes are people with limited or no function in their legs. In addition, we have plenty of customers who simply have problems keeping their balance or even have no impairment at all. Our products have become an integral part of their daily life. Many of them thought that they could never again cycle with their legs.

The BerkelBike is a combination of hand cycle and recumbent bike driven by the power of both arms and legs. If you have limited or no use of your legs, this propulsion system will enable you to support the movement of your legs with the strength of your arms and shoulders. We also offer a more conventional tricycle, the EasyLegs. Like the BerkelBike, it is characterised by its low weight, great stability, and the fact that it can be customised in length, width, seating height, and angle.

Our bikes are available as a complete tricycle that can be taken apart for ease of transportation or as a one-wheeled device that can be connected to your own wheelchair. Also, if you suffer from paralysis, they can be equipped with our Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) system, enabling you to include your paralysed legs in the movement.



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Aug,2016 at 7:43am
Powered prosthetics, robotic body suits and a Brain Computer Interface Race are just some of the categories teams will battle it out in at the world's first ever Cybathlon in October. The competition in Zurich will see people with physical disabilities competing using robotic technologies design...
A great quote from our UK dealer: "To actually do something where four limbs are active - you get in a zone of something like running where you are doing something for a continuous amount of time. It’s just a fantastic feeling." – PAUL MOORE, TEAM BERKELBIKE
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Jul,2016 at 7:21am
What a fun day in Bend! Thanks so much to Oregon Adaptive Sports and all the folks who showed up to ride! We had a blast and are already looking forward to the next event. We would have taken more picture if we weren't so busy! ICE Trikes Hase Bikes RAD-Innovations LLC BerkelBike Nederland #hasepino #hasetrets #icetrikes #recumbent #tandem #adaptivecycling #bend #oregon #handcycling #roadtrip
Thanks Different Spokes for getting people together to cycle. What a great effort to create a different type of environment, in which people can exercise!
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Jun,2016 at 11:22am
Ayer hemos entregado la primera #BerkelBike en España. La BerkelBike es una combinación entre un #handbike y un triciclo inclinado. La propulsión se hace con las piernas pero, cuando falta control o fuerza, los brazos pueden ayudar. La BerkelBike por eso estimule el uso de las piernas, fortalece los músculos y facilite la circulación sanguínea. Ángel de 9 años es el primer usuario del BerkelBike Pro en España y desde www.adaptamosgroup.com y BerkelBike le deseamos muchos felices kilómetros. Yesterday we delivered the first BerkelBike Pro in Spain. This bike, a unique combination of a handbike and a recumbent bike is ideal for people who cannot use a normal bike or tricycle because of lack of strength or control. The BerkelBike allows the user to pedal with their legs, and add power with the arms if or when needed. The nine year old Ángel is the first user of a BerkelBike in Spain, and Adaptamos Group and BerkelBike wish him many happy kilometres.
The first BerkelBike Pro got delivered to a customer in Spain! We are very excited for the potential to ship to more countries in the future!